Guest: Greg Utzig, local conservation ecologist and land use planning consultant

Hosts: Kayla Tillapaugh and Joelle Burnie

Keywords: Climate Change, flooding, extreme weather, Kootenay Lake, mudslides, water level changes, dams, history, wildfires, action, resilience, mitigation, adaptation, conservation.

Topics: Historic changes on Kootenay Lake, extreme weather events in the Kootenays, how to build community resilience to climate change, actions that can help us move forward. 

Music: “River Flows” by Holly Hyatt Check her out here:

Guest: Jay Blackmore, a local sailor, diver, and member of the Kootenay Pedalwheelers

Hosts: Kayla Tillapaugh and Joelle Burnie

Keywords: Sailing, Kootenay Lake, Race to Alaska, Sailing Team, Water, Wind, Houseboat, Docks, Mainland, Marina, Weather, Boat Safety, Race to Alaska the Movie, Film Screening.

Topics: The joy of sailing natures elements; sailing on Kootenay Lake, living in a houseboat; living with otters, Kootenay Pedalwheelers and their history; the Race to Alaska; preparing for the Race to Alaska; film screening event in partnership with Friends of Kootenay Lake; the Kootenay Pedalwheelers, R2AK, and the Civic Theatre.   

Music: “Past the Point of Talking” by First After the Fire. Check them out here:


Harvey Andrusak, Former Regional Fisheries Biologist for the Kootenays

Matt Neufeld, Fish & Aquatic Habitat Section Head for Kootenay-Boundary

James Baxter, Aquatics Biologist with FortisBC

Kenton Andreashuk, Sr. Fisheries Guardian for Ktunaxa Nation Council

Marley Bassett, Fish Restoration Biologist and Project Lead on the Nutrient Restoration Program


Topics: Listen in on evening two of the Kootenay Lake Summit covering the topic of Restoring Kootenay Lake's Fisheries. Panelists shared what species inhabit Kootenay Lake, the reasons for their decline, what's being done to restore their populations, and ways we can move forward. The webinar was also open to questions from the audience, where participants shared their thoughts, experiences, and concerns with the panelists.


Music: "Fletcher Falls Reverie" by Dave Carroll


Poem: "Summers in the Kootenays" by Rayya Liebich


Heather Larratt, Aquatic Biologist and President/founder of Larratt Consulting 

Kenton Andreashuk, Senior Fisheries Guardian with the Ktunaxa Nation

Dianna Ducs, Executive Director of Nelson Kootenay Lake Tourism

Penny Caldwell, Owner of Sail Nelson


Topic: This episode is a recording of evening one of the 8th Annual Kootenay Lake Summit. The topic of this panel is Envisioning Sustainable Boating on Kootenay Lake. Panelists dive deep into past and current boating trends on Kootenay Lake, discuss what sustainable boating looks like on the lake and what is needed to move forward in this direction. In addition to these discussions, listen to what our audience have been observing on the lake and what questions they had for the panel.


Music: "Ride the Wave" by The Hillties


Poem: "When Beautiful is not Cliché" by Jane Byers


Join the Friends of Kootenay Lake Stewardship Society on March 8th and 9th, 2022 for two virtual panel discussions on topics Kootenay Lake residents requested to learn more about. 

March 8th 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. PST: Envisioning Sustainable Boating on Kootenay Lake 

March 9th 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. PST: Restoring Kootenay Lake’s Fisheries 


The Kootenay Lake Summit is a popular annual event that brings community members, environmental professionals, government representatives, First Nations, Industry personnel and other interest groups together to learn about Kootenay Lake, network, and strengthen the community’s collective capacity to steward our watershed.

Many locals continue to voice concerns about boating and fish populations on Kootenay Lake. The Kootenay Lake Summit is your opportunity to make your voice heard, ask questions, and learn from experts and knowledge keepers about what’s happened, what’s being done, and what we can do to ensure our lake thrives for generations to come. 

If you are passionate about cultivating a sustainable boating culture on Kootenay Lake, or if you want to learn more about what is being done to restore Kootenay Lake’s imperiled fisheries, this is your opportunity to get involved. These are important topics our community cares a lot about, so don’t miss out! 

For more information and to register, head to 

These discussions will be recorded and posted right here on the Voices of the Lake podcast, so be sure to share and subscribe to tune into these rich and timely discussions!

For the love of the lake.

Guest: Kat McGlynn, Wildlife Technician and Amphibian Enthusiast

Keywords: Wildlife, Salmon, Salmonid, Restoration, Conservation, Otter, River Otter, Slocan, Scat, Survey, Wildlife Survey, Sucker, Trout, Snorkeling, Freshwater, River, Rivers, Wildlife Conservation, Wolves, Swans, Science, Monitoring, Amphibians, Wetlands, Toads, Frogs, Northern Leopard Frog, Western Toad

Topics: Stories from the field; Slocan River snorkel swimming for fish conservation; River Otter scat surveys; Northern Leopard Frog conservation; Western toad roadkill mortality mitigation; how to protect amphibians and reptiles in your own back yard!

Music: "Water Rolls" by Born on a Wednesday

Additional Resources: 

Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program website: 

Lake Watchers observations page: 

FrogWatch website:

Central Kootenay invasive Species Society: 

FrontCounter BC: 

Guest: Wayne Stetski, NDP Representative for the Kootenay-Columbia Riding

Keywords: Politics, Water Stewardship, Conservation, Restoration, Nutrient Restoration, Kokanee, Bull Trout, Rainbow Trout, Columbia River Treaty, Treaty Renegotiations, Government, Governance, Policy, Enforcement, Environmental Crime, Climate Change, Water Rights, Water Scarcity, Water Needs, MLA, Funding, NGO, Kootenay Lake

Topics: The Kootenay Lake Nutrient Restoration Program; The Columbia River Treaty and ongoing renegotiations for treaty improvements; The issue of lack of action by governments to address concerns that exist within “gray areas” of jurisdictional responsibility; Policy and enforcement as it relates to environmental crime; How governments can ensure Canadian’s right to fresh water will be protected considering pressures like climate change and the sale of water to foreign investors; How governments can address growing concerns of local aquatic invasive species infestations; Prioritizing environmental protections considering economic pressures; local government's role in ensuring community water needs are met considering water scarcity; How to ensure politicians are kept up to speed on current scientific data to encourage pro-environmental political decision making, and how we can encourage core-funding streams for environmental and other NGOs.

Music: "Slip Away" by the Alan Kirk Band

Additional Resources: Find and contact your Provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Federal Member of Parliament (MP) or your Municipal or Regional government:

Disclaimer: Our conversation with Wayne in no way alludes to any implied preference for any particular political party. Our interest in speaking with Wayne solely regards his personal work experience as it relates to protecting Kootenay Lake, and other water resources, for future generations.

Guest: John Cathro, Independent Forester working in Community Wildfire Preparedness

Keywords: Wildfire, Wildland Urban Interface Forestry, Climate Change, Smoke, Air Quality, Wildfire Risk, Risk Mitigation, Fire Suppression, Fuel Load Reduction, Fire Smart, Community Planning, Land-use Planning, Wildfire Preparation, Wildfire Trends, Youth Engagement, Public Education, Community Leadership, Evacuations, 72-Hour Preparedness Kits, Wildfire Preparedness Plans

Topics: A synopsis of the current state of wildfires in the Kootenay Lake area; Wildfire risks in our communities and ecosystems; Wildfire trends over time; Factors that perpetuate wildfire risk; The role climate change plays; Wildfire risk mitigation and adaptation; Firesmarting and how to get started; Fuel load reduction; Community planning and public education. Empowering and involving youth; The role governments and community leaders should be taking on to adequately address these concerns; How residents can prepare for evacuation orders.

Music: "Katabatic Wind" by Wayne Saluti (not available online).

Additional Resources: Cathro Consulting Website: 

RDCK Fire Smarting resources:

Guidelines on preparing for evacuation orders:

Provincial wildfire preparedness guide:

Provincial recommendations for what to pack in your 72-hour emergency preparedness kit: 


Guests: Ethnoecologist, Brenda Beckwith and Restoration Botanist, Valerie Huff with the Kootenay Native Plant Society

Hosts: Kayla Tillapaugh and Camille LeBlanc

Keywords: Native Plants, Meadow-making, Meadow-scaping, Native Pollinators, Seed Collection, Kootenay Native Plant Society, Flowers, Biodiversity, Connectivity, Pollination, Funding, Non-profit Organizations, Wildflowers, Restoration Ecology,

Topics: Kootenay Native Plant Society and programs offered; Why plants?; Promoting good, effective restoration and conservation; How to start a wildflower meadow on your property; Common plants with special attributes; How communities can support pollination systems and biodiversity; Need for diverse funding streams; Dream restoration projects in the eyes of a botanist; Honourable mentions.

Music: "Solace of the Beating Heart” by Jay Danley featuring Alexander Brown. YouTube:

Additional Resources: Kootenay Native Plant Society website:

Wildflowers for Pollinators: A Citizen-Science Meadowscaping Initiative Video: 

Guest: Penny Caldwell, Sailing Instructor and owner of Sail Nelson Boating School

Hosts: Kayla Tillapaugh and Camille LeBlanc

Keywords: Sailing, Boating, Sail Nelson, Boating Safety, Sailing Adventures, Sailing Races, Boat Races, Boating School, Stewardship,

Topics: The many wonders of sailing, Sail Nelson boating school and the programs offered to the community, sailing culture on Kootenay Lake and how it compares to other regions in the country, the sailing experience Kootenay Lake has to offer, what to consider in terms of boating safety and safety gear, and stewardship ethics as they relate to sailing and boating in aquatic ecosystems.

Music: "Zephyr” by First After the Fire. Website:  Facebook: Spotify: YouTube:

Additional Resources: Sail Nelson website:

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