January 12, 2021

Climate Change: Addressing Contrasting Narratives and Visualizing Local Trends

Guest: Mel Reasoner, Climate Scientist

Hosts: Camille LeBlanc and Kayla Tillapaugh

Keywords: Climate, Climate Change, Global Warming, Adaptation, Mitigation, Climate Change Skeptics, Climate Science, Geology, Geologic Record, Precipitation, Temperature, Mean Temperature, Ice Age, GHGs, Carbon Dioxide, Media Influence, Climate Projections, Wildfire, Sea Level, Flooding, Recreation, Domino Effect, Tipping Point, Positive Feedback Loops, Geoengineering, Youth Empowerment, Climate Politics

Topics: Climate change basics and common terms; scientific evidence that climate change is human caused; how to approach a climate change denier; global and local climate trends (historical and projected); adaptation and mitigation strategies; empowering youth to take action; climate action responsibility and climate politics.

Music: "Blue Pearl of the Universe" by Earl Hamilton.


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