March 24, 2021

Hydro Logic: Looking at Kootenay Lake’s Ever-changing Hydrology

Guest: Dr. Martin Carver, Hydrologist, researcher and Principal of Aqua Environmental Associates.

Hosts: Camille LeBlanc and Kayla Tillapaugh

Keywords: Hydrology, Water, Dams, Climate Change, Treaties, International Governance, Ecological Impacts, Streams, Glaciers, Wetlands, Water Governance, Water Data, Disappearances, Shorelines, Lakefront, Development, Kokanee Glacier, Kokanee, Water Quality, Water Quantity, Flooding

Topics: Hydrology of Kootenay Lake; Historical and projected climate change impacts to Kootenay Lake and surrounding ecosystems including glaciers and wetlands; Shoreline development around the lake; The importance of water data and where to access historical records; Threats to our local water quality; How we can work as individuals and as communities to protect our surface water.

Music: "Waves at the Shore” by Wayne Saluti

Additional Resources: 

Water Monitoring and Climate Change in the Upper Columbia Basin Report:

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Kootenay Watershed Science project information:

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