October 5, 2021

Political Environmentalism: Pursuing Water Stewardship Through Politics

Guest: Wayne Stetski, NDP Representative for the Kootenay-Columbia Riding

Keywords: Politics, Water Stewardship, Conservation, Restoration, Nutrient Restoration, Kokanee, Bull Trout, Rainbow Trout, Columbia River Treaty, Treaty Renegotiations, Government, Governance, Policy, Enforcement, Environmental Crime, Climate Change, Water Rights, Water Scarcity, Water Needs, MLA, Funding, NGO, Kootenay Lake

Topics: The Kootenay Lake Nutrient Restoration Program; The Columbia River Treaty and ongoing renegotiations for treaty improvements; The issue of lack of action by governments to address concerns that exist within “gray areas” of jurisdictional responsibility; Policy and enforcement as it relates to environmental crime; How governments can ensure Canadian’s right to fresh water will be protected considering pressures like climate change and the sale of water to foreign investors; How governments can address growing concerns of local aquatic invasive species infestations; Prioritizing environmental protections considering economic pressures; local government's role in ensuring community water needs are met considering water scarcity; How to ensure politicians are kept up to speed on current scientific data to encourage pro-environmental political decision making, and how we can encourage core-funding streams for environmental and other NGOs.

Music: "Slip Away" by the Alan Kirk Band https://soundcloud.com/alan-kirk-band

Additional Resources: Find and contact your Provincial Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA), Federal Member of Parliament (MP) or your Municipal or Regional government: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/seniors/financial-legal-matters/contacting-government

Disclaimer: Our conversation with Wayne in no way alludes to any implied preference for any particular political party. Our interest in speaking with Wayne solely regards his personal work experience as it relates to protecting Kootenay Lake, and other water resources, for future generations.

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