January 26, 2021

Rewilding the System: Restoring the Yaqan Nukiy Wetlands

Guest: Norm Allard, Community Planner with Lower Kootenay Band

Host: Kayla Tillapaugh

Keywords: Wetlands, Restoration, Yaqan Nukiy, Lower Kootenay Band, Wildlife, Conservation, Invasive Species, Ecology, Species-At-Risk, Dams, Dikes, Machinery, Fish, First Nations, Floodplain, Floodwaters, Erosion, Wildlife Habitat, Aquatic Systems, Nutrient Exchange, Freshet, Natural Resources, Indigenous Knowledge, Hunting, Gathering, Capacity BuildingĀ 

Topics: History of the Yaqan Nukiy Wetlands; the importance of this ecosystem to the Yaqan Nukiy community/people and the cultural history of its significance; the work being done to restore the wetlands; concerns, impacts; species at risk; restoration plans and priorities; details on the complex process of restoring ecosystems.

Music: "Sliver of Sunshine" by Born on a Wednesday


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